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Care management, often called case management or care coordination, is a key component of every home care package.  

Gippsland Care Services will outline the cost for care management services and outline their approach to care management in the Schedule.  Care management may include:

  • ensuring each consumer gets safe and effective personal care and/or clinical care

  • reviewing the Home Care Agreement and care plan

  • coordination and scheduling of services

  • ensuring the care is aligned with other supports

  • providing a point of contact for the home care consumer or their support network

  • ensuring care is culturally appropriate

  • identifying and addressing risks to the home care consumer’s safety.

Care management should ensure there is no overlap, over-servicing or mismanagement of services.  These services may be provided in different ways including face-to-face or via phone or email.


Package management is the ongoing organisational activities associated with ensuring the smooth delivery and management of a home care package.  It may include the costs for preparing monthly statements; managing package funds; and compliance and quality assurance activities required for home care.


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